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Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman is a senior editor at Epicurious and a freelance food, travel, culture, and lifestyle writer.

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Food film1 article
James Beard Foundation

A Chef, an Actor, a Restaurant Critic, a Food Stylist, and a Professor Walk into the Beard House: A Roundtable Discussion on Food and Film

The making of the timpano in Big Night. The edge-of-your-seat ending of Kings of Pastry. The food-as-foreplay scene in Tom Jones. As a prop, a plot device, and, more recently, the main subject, food has long played a pivotal role in some of our favorite cinematic experiences (not all of them appetizing: La Grande Bouffe, anyone?)...

Allen pulled pork %281%29 article
James Beard Foundation

A North Carolina–Style Barbecue

Here's how to throw the best party of the summer: Buy a massive cut of pork shoulder and fire up your grill. Rub the pork with dry spices and cook it nice and slow o...

Tomatoes article
James Beard Foundation

In Season: Tomatoes

Remember a few years ago, when tomato blight pretty much wiped out the harvest throughout the East Coast, and nary a Caprese salad was made the whole summer? This...

Peterson meat loaf hoffman article
James Beard Foundation

Beard to Table: James Peterson's Meatloaf

A well-made meat loaf is a dinnertime workhorse. It's comforting, it's savory, it can be dipped in ketchup: what's not to love? But if you haven't yet seen the meat loaf light (perhaps the memories of the too-dry, or too-moist, or too-chunky ones of your childhood still linger), get ready to be convinced. James Peterson's bar-setting recipe for the classic dish, from his JBF Award–winning cookbook Meat: A Kitchen Education, is the one that's going to make you a believer.

Open uri20130528 22368 16dgu11 article
James Beard Foundation

JBF Trip Planner: Chatham, MA

If your end-of-summer travel plans include a trip to Cape Cod, don't miss a stop in picturesque Chatham, where you can eat a meaty, perfectly dressed lobster roll right on the pier and enjoy a delicious blueberry pie...

Stringio article
James Beard Foundation

Wine Pick: Vidigal Vinho Verde 2010

Our latest obsession: a light, crisp Vinho Verde from the Minho region of Portugal. With a touch of effervescence and a low alcohol content, this budget-friendly, pale-green wine is summer in a glass. Bring a bottle or two to a friend’s pool party...

Open uri20130528 20207 12vmf6u article
James Beard Foundation

Recipe Roundup: Cocktails

Toast to warm-weather entertaining with one of these refreshing and decidedly grown-up cocktails from some of our favorite mixologists.

Open uri20130528 22368 l4j2uo article
James Beard Foundation

Eat This Word: Deviled Eggs

WHAT? Proustian picnic food. An American adaptation of a dish that has been eaten throughout Europe since Roman times, deviled eggs are beloved throughout the South ...

Carlin peach sorbet gleeson article
James Beard Foundation

Herb-Enhanced Desserts

Fresh herbs can lend desserts a subtle aromatic note that completely transforms the dish. Here are a few of our favorite herb-enhanced sweets...

Mulled article
James Beard Foundation

Recipe Roundup: Holiday Spirits

No chestnuts roasting on an open fire? No Jack Frost nipping on your nose? No worries. Just mix up a pitcher (or two) of one of these Yuletide-evoking drinks and y...

Bondy farmers mac cheese bourgeois %281%29 article
James Beard Foundation

Cooking for a Crowd

It's been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy touched down in New York and New Jersey, but many of the hardest hit communities are still reeling. For those of us who l...

Green peppers article
James Beard Foundation

Culinary Challenge: Don't Let Those Green Peppers Go To Waste

For several weeks each summer, we find ourselves with a crisper drawer packed with green peppers. Bell peppers, Cubanelles, long greens: we get an assortment each we...

Absinthe 0 article
James Beard Foundation

Eat This Word: Absinthe

WHAT? Louche libation. A distilled, mildly anise-flavored spirit infused with herbs, absinthe was mythologized by countless late 19th- and early 20th-century writer...

Gooseberries article
James Beard Foundation

In Season: Gooseberries

by Anya Hoffman on July 31, 2012
Ever eaten gooseberries? The slightly fuzzy, tart berries are very popular in traditional British cooking, but don't get a lot of press stateside. A cousin of the curr...

Copenhagen article
James Beard Foundation

JBF Trip Planner: Copenhagen

For in-the-know food lovers heading to Copenhagen this winter, there are some obvious places you probably want to hit (and at least one of them rhymes with "MOMA"). But instead of speed-dialing René Redzepi's foraging temple...