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Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman is a senior editor at Epicurious and a freelance food, travel, culture, and lifestyle writer.

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Headytopper article

Why Is There a Craigslist Black Market for a Canned Beer? | Lucky ...

Why Is There a Craigslist Black Market for a Canned...

201405 w best thai restaurants in the us uncle boons article
Travel + Leisure

How to Eat Your Way Through the New NYC Michelin List Without Going Broke

To eat at New York City’s Michelin-starred restaurants without going broke, follow these four tips....

Open uri20140430 8978 1kv2l6k article
New York Magazine

How Do You Get People to Eat Crickets? It Might Help If They’re Kosher | New York

The makers of an insect-based protein bar get biblical.

0815queens article
Travel + Leisure

The 15 Best Things to Do, Eat, Drink, and Buy in Queens

Queens, New York, is finally getting some much-deserved attention. Here are the some of formerly neglected borough’s highlights....

Lead large article

In San Francisco, the Fight Against Diabetes Gets Personal | The Atlantic's CityLab

A local doctor tries to raise awareness about the social causes of Type 2 diabetes, in his community and others.

3037716 inline s 3 inside the edible insect industry article
Fast Company

Inside The Edible Insect Industrial Complex | Fast Company ...

As humans eat more bugs, a $20 million industry has sprung up—complete with edible insect business consultants.

Bonappgrillingbook article

The Grilling Book: The Definitive Guide from Bon Appétit

I wrote sidebars and recipe headnotes for Bon Appétit magazine's recently published grilling cookbook.

Open uri20130913 17013 q9i6zr article

Who Are You Calling Short? | Salon

At 4'11", I've spent years feeling exposed and vulnerable. But eventually I stopped letting my height define me.

20130508 empire market 3 article
Edible Queens

Sausage, Old-School Style | Edible Queens

“See how our frankfurters aren’t red?” says Mike Lepine, the patriarch at the helm of Empire Market, a family-run smokehouse and cured meat emporium in College Point. “There’s no dye in there. Just Hu...

Open uri20140524 13436 ki4a7a article

Let's Do Brunch | Kiwi Magazine

Host a good-for-you get-together with these easy, healthy recipes.

Open uri20131109 26501 1sa16zf article
Edible Queens

Summer 2013 - Edible Queens

Jun 16, 2013... Mike Lepine, the patriarch at the helm of Empire Market, a family-run smokehouse… Read More → ·...

Empanadas valllunas article

Holiday Meat Pies Around the World | TasteBook

For many people throughout the world, the holiday season isn’t complete without a savory meat pie, redolent of spices and wrapped in flaky, tender pastry.

Chili party crop article

Holiday Traditions: How to Host a Chili Party | TasteBook

Don’t worry about ambitious entertaining—a low-key annual get-together can have a lasting impact.

Open uri20140305 11518 u0o4qa article

How to Read a Nutrition Label

Make savvy supermarket selections with this quick primer on food packaging.

L 101441831 article

Organize Your Freezer in 5 Easy Steps

You know it's time to organize the freezer when you can't remove a bag of sweet potato fries without causing a frozen-food avalanche. But how do you go from natural disaster to streamlined synergy? It's easier than you think.